Saturday, September 27, 2008

Three Noteworthy Blogs (and a Trophy Fourth)

Three blogs I count as delectable for human consumption are The Drudge Report, Michelle Malkin(.com), and Samizdata(.com). One will notice that the common factor binding these blogs together is political news, specifically conservative and/or libertarian. So if one leans to the left, one may not find these blogs delectable, but rather, a catalyst for vomiting.
That said, I like The Drudge Report because, of the 'most powerful blogs' visited, this was the only one I had actually visited before, oblivious to its blog status. Also, I like the blog's set-up: white background with vertical columns of news stories in black font.
I like Michelle Malkin blog because the woman that blogs, presumably Michelle Malkin, is a conservative woman, with a sometimes sweet, sometimes acerbic wit. This blog is set up pretty well too, and unlike the Huffington Post, this blog doesn't come across as a regular website (probably not correct Internet nomenclature, but oh well...).
I like Smizdata(.com) because it's a meta-libertarian blog; that is, it draws from various degrees of libertarian movements (none of which are bowel) from all over the globe. Alas though, this blog heavily resembles top-rate website with its orgy of pixels and pseudo-artistic symbols, both of which are enough to alienate well-meaning, curious visitors, if such web-surfers even exist.
Finally, while not on the list of 'most powerful blogs,' my favorite blog of all time deserves mention: "The Blair Necessities." Remember the nine-year running sitcom "The Facts of Life"? Remember Blair, the blond babe? Well, apparently she's (the actress) a hardcore (serious minded) Christian and has her own blog, "Coffee Talk." "The Blair Necessities," however, is blog in which the bloggers lift the content of "Coffee Talk," and comment on it in satirical fashion, with tongues planted firmly in cheek and an occasional venom lick. Check it out, it's great novelty, especially for those of us males that were once in love with Blair.

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